Our story

Hello dear Friends!

The idea of a handicraft shop came from our manager because it was his hobby: „When the western Estonia craftsmen met around the table at spring 2010 most constant problem was selling your own handiwork. It was then when I first thought about making my own handicraft shop.“ But it did not stay only as an idea. In the same year, 29th of July we opened our doors for the first time. The opening day was great. We ate graham crackers, drank „kama“ (Estonia drink that consists of sour milk and grain powder) and listened to live music. It was truely a grand day.

The name of our shop „Genuine and authentic handicraft“ („Ehe ja Ehtne Käsitöö“) is worthy of its name. We offer to you original handiwork. In addition to souvenirs we also have very different products, starting from garden decorations and barrels to furniture. We have craftsmen from all over Estonia, from north to south and east to west.
Now we have already three shops - one in Pärnu, one in Haapsalu and the newest one in Viljandi.
Besides different handiwork we offer you rich choice of our own productions. We are part of a company Ossmet oü. You can order from us lasercuttings and engraving. Come to us with your own idea and together we can make it happen.
We thank you all, who have taken us as a friend and helped us further.
Yours truly,
Ehe ja Ehtne Käsitöö