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A lovely wine glass holder made with wine lovers in mind. Set the holder around the neck of the wine bottle and hang wine glasses to each side.
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A lovely plywood trivet with a gorgeous pattern to use under your coffee cup or why not as a present. If you would like to order a custom made trivet, please contact us via e-mail laser@ehejaehtne.ee
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A beautiful and unique plywood platter. It suits perfectly into your kitchen or living room to store your things and serve delicious treats.
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Kadakaselt lõhnav soolavakk.
Valmistatud meie andeka koostööpartneri poolt. Toodetud Eestis.
NB! Tegemist on käsitööga! Puidu värv, muster ja toote mõõdud võivad veidi erineda.
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A cute plywood picture frame for your home. If you would like to have a picture frame with your own design, feel free to contact us via e-mail laser@ehejaehtne.ee. The picture frame fits a photo with the size of 140x90cm.
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