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Domino is a timeless family classic of placing matching tiles. This board game is suitable for 2-6 players. Since our domino is made out of natural materials you can color it the way you want it.
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Mõõdud: 150x170x32 mm
Materjal: vineer, 3 mm
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This mosaic puzzle is made out of natural willow plywood. The product is glue-free. The plywood is stained with water based colors, which is completely safe for your health. All the patterns and colours are one of a kind. The puzzle includes small pieces - prohibited to use under the age of 3. NB! Please notice that colours of the puzzle might be different from illustrative photos because every puzzle is handpainted with unique colour scheme. Puzzle contains 30 pieces.
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Vineerist tore mäng lastele, kus lapsed saavad õppida tundma koduloomi ja paigutada need õigesse kohta.
Võimalik on loomad ära värvida.
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Pane oma teadmised proovile erinevates Targa Pere ülesannetes! Mängu saab kokku segada ka teiste sama sarja mängudega.
Kaardimäng kogu perele alates 7. eluaastast.
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