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A box with Tallinns coat of arms for storing your things. A box with a special design to add something extra to your work desk or add some character to your home.
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Vineerist kaunis ja omapärane vaagen. Sobib suurepäraselt kööki või elutuppa asjakeste hoiustamiseks ja maiuste serveerimiseks.
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Vahva vineerist silt kingiks või kodu kaunistamiseks. Natukene huumorit ja rõõmu igasse päeva! Kui on soov saada oma silt, siis võta ühendust laser@ehejaehtne.ee ja teeme Sinu mõtte teoks!
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A fun sign will bring an unique element to a boring backround. A little humour and jokes to your daily life! If you would like to get a sign with your own text or picture, contact us via e-mail laser@ehejaehtne.ee
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A special and natural magnet for your home. When using a little imagination and creativity, you can paint and decorate this magnet any way you like!
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